Ph.d. In Social Science

Ph.D. in Social Science is a program designed for individuals seeking to advance knowledge in social sciences such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, and economics. Candidates engage in original research projects to contribute to the understanding of human society.

Core Features:

Advanced Social Science Research: Mastery of advanced research methodologies in social sciences.

Psychological Research: In-depth study of human behavior and mental processes.

Sociological Inquiry: Exploration of social structures, universities, and cultural phenomena.

Economic Analysis: Critical examination of economic theories and their societal impact.

Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies: Opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary research projects.

Program Duration:

Minimum Duration: 3 years

Maximum Duration: 5 years

Eligibility & Admission:

Master's Degree: Usually in a relevant social science discipline.

Research Proposal: A well-defined research proposal is often required.

Entrance Exam/Interview: Some universities may conduct an entrance exam or interview.


Sociology: Examines social structures, institutions, and behaviors.

Psychology: Studies human behavior and mental processes.

Anthropology: Investigates cultural diversity and human societies.

Economics: Analyzes economic systems and behaviors.

Research Areas:

Social Psychology: Explores individual and group behaviors in social contexts.

Cultural Anthropology: Studies cultural practices and diversity.

Health Economics: Analyzes economic factors influencing healthcare

Career Prospects::

Research Scholar: Conducting independent research in social sciences.

University Professor: Teaching and mentoring students in social science disciplines.

Policy Analyst: Informing and shaping policies related to social issues.

Counselor/Therapist: Providing counseling and therapy services in psychology.

Economist: Analyzing economic trends and informing economic policy.