B. Tech. In Electronics And Communication Engineering (ece)

The Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering (B. Tech. ECE) is an exhilarating program at the intersection of electronic systems and communication technologies. It lays the foundation for students to explore the design, development, and application of innovative technologies that power modern communication networks.

This program covers a diverse range of topics, including digital electronics, communication systems, microprocessor programming, VLSI design, and wireless communication. As a student in ECE, you'll unravel the mysteries behind electronic circuits, delve into signal processing techniques, and gain proficiency in designing cutting-edge communication systems.

Core Features:

Digital Electronics: Study of digital circuits and logic design.

Communication Systems: Principles and technologies for information transmission.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller: Understanding and programming microprocessor systems.

VLSI Design: Design and fabrication of Very Large-Scale Integrated circuits.

Wireless Communication: Technologies for wireless data transmission.

Program Duration:

Minimum Duration: 4 Years

Maximum Duration: 6 Years

Eligibility & Admission:

Eligibility: 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Programme Fee: Varies based on the university and program.


Research Areas:

Career Prospects::

Electronics Engineer: Designing and developing electronic systems.

Communication Engineer: Working on communication technologies and systems.

Embedded Systems Engineer: Designing systems for specific applications.

Signal Processing Engineer: Analyzing and processing signals for various applications.

Network Engineer: Designing and managing networks for data transmission.