Master Of Commerce

The online Master of Commerce (M. Com) program is a dynamic and comprehensive journey into the realm of commerce, economics, and business management. This advanced degree is tailored for individuals aspiring to deepen their understanding of financial systems, economic principles, and strategic business practices in the digital age..

Core Features:

Financial Accounting: Advanced study of accounting principles and financial reporting.

Economic Analysis: In-depth exploration of economic theories and their practical applications.

Business Strategy: Understanding strategic management principles for effective decision-making.

Specializations: Options for specialization in areas such as finance, marketing, and international business.

Program Duration:

Minimum Duration: 2 years

Maximum Duration: 4 years

Eligibility & Admission:

Bachelor's degree in Commerce or related field.

Admission is based on merit.


Research Areas:

Career Prospects::

Financial Analyst


Business Consultant

Finance Manager