Master Of Arts In Journalism & Mass Communication

The online Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication program is a transformative educational experience designed for individuals passionate about the ever-evolving world of media and communication. This program offers a deep dive into strategic communication, digital journalism, and media management, preparing students to excel in diverse roles within the dynamic media landscape. By blending theoretical foundations with hands-on applications, this program equips students with the skills needed to thrive in the rapidly changing field of journalism and mass communication.

Core Features:

Media Management: Strategies for effective media planning and management.

Digital Journalism: Advanced skills in online journalism and multimedia storytelling.

Strategic Communication: Developing communication strategies for diverse audiences.

Research in Media Studies: Conducting advanced research in media and communication.

Program Duration:

Minimum Duration: 2 years

Maximum Duration: 4 years

Eligibility & Admission:

Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Mass Communication, or a related field.

Admission based on merit.


Research Areas:

Career Prospects::

Media Strategist

Digital Content Manager

Communication Consultant

Journalism Educator