Bachelor Of Arts In Journalism (ba Journalism)

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (BA Journalism) is a three-year undergraduate program designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of journalism, media, and communication. This program is tailored to develop skills in news reporting, writing, editing, and multimedia storytelling. BA Journalism students learn the art and ethics of journalism, preparing them for dynamic careers in the rapidly evolving media industry.

Core Features:

The BA Journalism program aims to:

Equip students with fundamental journalistic skills, including research, reporting, and writing.

Provide an understanding of media ethics, freedom of the press, and the role of journalism in society.

Foster critical thinking and analytical abilities in evaluating news and information.

Introduce students to various forms of journalism, including print, broadcast, online, and multimedia.

The program emphasizes practical experience through internships, workshops, and real-world projects, preparing students for the challenges of the modern media landscape.

Program Duration:

The BA Journalism program typically spans three years, allowing students to delve deep into the principles and practices of journalism.

Minimum Duration: 3 Years

Maximum Duration: 6 Years

Eligibility & Admission:

Admission to BA Journalism generally requires candidates to have completed their 10+2 education from a recognized board. While specific eligibility criteria may vary, most BA Journalism programs do not require entrance examinations for admission.

Programme Fee: Varies based on the university and program.

Examination Fee: Varies based on the university and program.


News Reporting and Writing

Media Ethics and Law

Broadcast Journalism

Digital Journalism

Feature Writing


Media Management

Research Areas:

Career Prospects::

BA Journalism graduates have a range of exciting career opportunities in the media and communication industry. Potential career paths include:



News Anchor

Content Writer

Media Analyst

Public Relations Specialist

BA Journalism opens doors to diverse roles in print, broadcast, online media, and corporate communications, allowing graduates to contribute to informed and ethical journalism in various capacities.